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"Since 1979, my unique style of Massage Therapy empties the physical body of excess energy burdens while bringing you to a deep state of complete relaxtion. As you step over the threshold of my cozy treatment room, you enter a world dedicated to your surrender… to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual peace.

"I quietly encourage your internal focus as you temporarily suspend attention on the externally busy world.  With each exhale, unneeded energy burdens are emptied from your physical body… and with each inhale, fresh new nourishing energy comes in. I give you the exact amount of pressure you desire, and my goal is to unburden you - body and spirit - of the pent-up tensions from earthly life which you are ready to relinquish.

"I draw from many techniques including Swedish/deep muscle/medical massage, Acupressure ( like acupuncture but using my fingertips ), Sports Massage, deep connective tissue work on injured muscles, heat or cold therapy and aromatheraphy if desired, Reflexology on the hands and feet, and Polarity Therapy (a form of energy work).  With each stroke, my intuition and your subtle responses guide the work of my perceptive hands… and there is a sort of silent “conversation” between my hands and your body.  Downloading excess tension energy down and out of your body, you begin to feel so much lighter than you were when you first came in!  I view my Massage Therapy as a sort of respite from life, a recharging of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual battery.  Afterward, you feel lighter, renewed and ready for whatever life brings you!"

The Body As A Tool of Communication For The Soul

"For those who are interested, I can provide clients with specific spiritual support as an addendum to their Massage Therapy.  I intuitively help many clients understand the spiritual matters lying beneath their physical health challenges.  By sharing my encouraging knowledge of the 12-chakra system with interested clients, those clients come away from their Massage session with deeper self-understanding. On a day-to-day basis, this added knowledge helps them tune into their thoughts / feelings in the exact moments they experience tension or pain.  They are better able to stop and listen to what is really going on inside and turn potential problems into positive self-empowerment!   When a client is interested in working with me at this thorough level, the long term psychological, emotional and spiritual support benefits of our sessions extend far beyond physical relaxation."


"I have been receiving Massages and Spiritual guidance from Laurel for years now.  She has the ability to gauge what you need most.  I always leave rejuvinated in both mind and body.  She has been a blessing in my life!"  K.R., MSN, RN

"I'm so spoiled by Laurel and her talents as a Massage Therapist.  I just can't see anyone else because they are never as thorough, caring, and deeply, energetically healing as Laurel.  More than a much needed treat, my massages with her are a necessity in my life.  I am so grateful for her; she is a true blessing!"  Genevieve K, Lead Software Engineer

 I can receive Massage Therapy anywhere in the world and  I enjoy Laurel’s Massages most of all.  She is very thorough, and I value the healing energy I receive from her heart, through her hands. Her work is unsurpassed."                                C. R.,  Flight Attendant.

             “My regular Massages with Laurel are like stepping into a quiet, peaceful garden where I can lay down my burdens
of stress.  Her pressure is perfect, her compassion is wonderful, and I always leave feeling lighter and more relaxed. 
She’s the best!” D.L., IT Professional

“Laurel’s Massage Therapy is my regular mini-vacation!  She not only irons out my muscle pain and tensions, she also gives me that superb letting-go experience which recharges me for my stressful life.” 
S.B., Corporate Accounts Manager

By appointment Tuesday through Friday 11am-7pm AND Saturdays 11am-5pm

                               1 Hour = $65.   OR  90 minutes = $90.

​Laurel accepts Mastercard, Visa, Discover and AmEx payments, and Cash.