Using Astrology, Numerology and Tarot

to view your spiritual abilities and lifetime goals.

After returning from a near-death experience car crash in l986 and self-healing from quadriplegia, I began using Astrology, Numerology and Tarot to see the spiritual purposes behind our gifts and challenges in life.
I believe that every challenge contains potential benefits, if we can uncover and use them. Through my Spiritual Life Path Readings, I bring you greater spiritual understanding and self-empowerment.

If you are seeking support in matters of spiritual growth, physical health, career direction, finances, family
 and relationship dynamics, allow me to support you through a Reading. My goal is to shed encouraging light on your path.

There are 2 Reading options:

90-Minute Full Spiritual Life Path Reading using Astrology, Numerology and Tarot:  $140

(This full reading serves as a BASELINE for future update readings).  This in-depth reading  allows us to look more deeply into your specific relationship, career, health, family and financial issues and concerns, with emphasis placed on the spiritual value contained in these matters. I also delve into the specific past-life themes that run through the “rivers” of your current life. The more we know about the history of our soul, the more self-empowerment we possess. My goal is to bring each Reading client out of “Why does this keep happening to me?!” and into “Ah… I can understand and better respond to this now.” For each of us, self-realization is the way through life’s challenges. I take time to study the soul prints of your astrological birth chart and birth name numbers. Therefore, this reading requires at least 2 days preparation. I recommend we record your reading on CD so that you can refer to it for lifelong spiritual support. In-Person readings are available by appointment at Mountain Laurel Therapeutics.

Hour-Long Spiritual UPDATE Reading:  $75.
          This reading focuses on your life today and how you might wish to proceed into your future.  This reading is
           used as an UPDATE to your Full Spiritual Life Path Reading, and can be recorded on CD if you choose.

Distance/Phone readings are currently available ONLY to repeat clients.  All readings are arranged by calling: (720) 363-0731

Appointments available Tuesday thru Friday 11am-7pm & Saturday 11am-5pm

in Arvada, CO 

You can email:

What you will need for Laurel to prepare your reading: 

1 -Your EXACT Birth Time, 2 - Birth Date, 3 - Birth City & State and, 4 - Full Birth Name ( first, middle, last ) will be needed to prepare for your highly-individualized reading. To book your Reading, Call Laurel at (720) 363-0731.  At least 2 days advance notice time is needed.

​Laurel accepts Mastercard, Visa, Discover and AmEx payments, as well as Cash.