The Blue Cord

by Laurel Duran, CMT.

‚ÄčRead this powerful story of Laurel Duran's near death experience

and self-healing from quadriplegia...

Laurel paralyzed in 1986    
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Author/Spiritual Astrologer/Self-healing teacher Laurel Duran has been an Intuitive Massage Therapist since 1979 who has helped thousands of individuals release their blocks to self-healing. Her near-death experience and subsequent healing from quadriplegia have deepened her understanding of our unlimited self-healing potentials. In addition to giving private Spiritual Life Path Readings, Laurel gives inspirational lectures and massage therapy and spiritual support.

"I LOVED IT! This story is inspiring, uplifting, exciting, and it crosses many, many boundries. I recommend
The BlUE CORD to anyone who needs inspiration for any reason."

Dr. Christiane Northrup, MD, Lecturer, author of 'Women's Bodies, Womens's Wisdom."

"Brilliantly written, The BLUE CORD is a jubilant story of a strong-willed woman's triumphant spirit. Profoundly inspirational and deeply touching, it documents the importance of healing beyond medicine."

Dr Vance Masci, MD, MPH

The BLUE CORD: $13.95. Avaliable at Mountain Laurel Therapeutics or email